torstai 5. lokakuuta 2017

Watermeets Kuopio - ANTI Contemporary Artfestival 2017

"I've been thinking about water. Its form. Its color. Its sound. Its taste. And how we use it."

Water  means  a lot to me. I love sauna and cold water swimming. Lakes mean peace to me. Rivers are music to my mind and in the seas I can feel the power. But the most important is that water makes me feel good. Water really is a lifeblood.

Thanks to my work I also respect water. I know that it is needed a lot of work and many professionals to make the system working. For that that tap water is always safe to drink and waste waters are treated propriety. It's a huge privilege. Thanks to my work I also know that my workmates do their work with a great responsibility. 24/7. Tap water never sleeps.

This week I've got a new perspective to water. Thanks to the artists Minty Donald and Nick Miller. And their performance in ANTI Contemporary Artfestival. They put me thinking that water supply system is actually art. Water is meanings and meetings.

During the process water meets water. Water meets people. And people meet people. Together they build a system that works. Every single piece is needed. It's simply and complicated at the same time. But however it's working.

Water meets water.

No more words.

Thank You

*Minty and Nick*

This experience was something I'll never forget.



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